Unlock your supply chain potential

Businesses move at an increasing pace and staying on top of the supply chain agenda is becoming increasingly difficult.

VCL has built a Supply Chain intelligence Platform that facilitates more effective decisions through action orientated and up-to-date insight about your supply chain environment in a great level of detail. More


We combine supply chain expertise with leading software technologies

Diverse backgrounds ranging from deep expertise in supply chain operations to advancements of modern information technologies.

Partnership agreements enhance our product and service offering and give additional capabilities and capacity to serve global clients

Advancements in modern software technologies enabled development of innovative approaches to the decades-old issues of operational inefficiencies. More

Our mission is to improve the efficiency / sustainability of global supply chains through the leverage of "leading edge" software technology.

Our approach is grounded on the clear set of proven principles about
accessibility, level of detail, relevance and intelligence of the
information which is needed to drive tangible actions and improve efficiency of logistics operations More

Your existing data has huge unexplored value

  • Complex and unconnected data sources make it tremendously difficult to compile a single fact-base

    Companies constantly grapple with the challenges of merging data from the different in-house and 3rd party systems, especially not on an ongoing basis. So the platform uses a heuristic cleansing data converter that will consolidate your data from a variety of sources in a dedicated DataShard.

    Your extensive use of spreadsheets will become a thing of the past. More

  • Extract intelligence from your data to identify opportunities. That's more value to the bottom-line

    The platform's toolkit generates retrospective insights into the clients' supply chain operations and uses action orientated analytical engines with predictive functionality to support effective decision making in order to pre-empt potential problems and inefficiencies.

    Your performance improvement projects will get more granular and up-to-date input. More

  • Increase effectiveness of your management teams through convenient data visualisation and greater collaboration.

    The platform's interface visualises your supply chain's operational profile through a set of maps, charts and reports that could be collaboratively interrogated through convenience of a web browser. The up-to-date performance views are complemented by a variety of interactive dashboards and alerts.

    Your weekly Supply Chain Operations meetings will never be the same again. More

Client Value

Actionable insight and increased effectiveness of management decisions.

Network Visualisation

Interactive data visualisation and navigation through convenience of a browser.

Performance Analytics

Analytical tools allow identification and assessment of value leakages.

Market Intelligence

Operational benchmarks for market informed opportunity assessments.

We became a member of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, in order to leverage thought leadership in the field of supply chain optimisation. More

carbon emission app

Carbon Emission App

This is a decision support model that estimates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and calculates potential financial implications of various emission improvement initiatives. This free tool is built jointly with the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and designed to be used by fleet managers.More