FLOX is a supply chain orchestration platform, which promotes effective use of shared logistics capacities

FLOX optimises flow of every order-shipment simultaneously solving the service, profitability and environment trilemma for all stakeholders

Introducing FLOX

The On-Demand Orchestration platform for the logistics market

Keep the supply chain moving no matter what

Increase revenue and margins in a fiercely competitive market

Measure & Report Carbon (CO2) performance against targets

16-Eco industry

Reduce environmental footprint of logistics operations

FLOX dynamically consolidates loads across all logistics networks and finds optimal matches with the available capacities, in real time. It integrates order data and shipment instructions from siloed client systems, enabling centralised optimisation of all logistics networks.

Trilemma of competing priorities 2

Solving the logistics market trilemma:


  • Helping Shippers identify “live” spare capacities and deliver cost reductions and visibility of shipments and operational performance through the whole logistics chain.

  • Helping LSPs take advantage of “live” shipment orders to utilise spare capacity and maximise revenue.

  • Helping Receivers control inbound transport into DCs and capture co-shipment opportunities for LTL loads along with concurrent optimisation of replenishment volumes and delivery frequencies.


  • Helping Shippers concurrently optimise customer service delivery including compliance with customer site requirements and reduce dependence on individual 3PLs.

  • Helping LSPs provide visibility of asset movements and synchronise information flow with shippers and receivers.

  • Helping Receivers provide visibility of shipments and operational performance through the whole logistics chain and optimise multi-tier omnichannel fulfilment.


  • Helping Shippers, LSPs and Receivers reduce the environmental footprint of every movement.

  • Provide full transparency and accounting detailing the end-to-end environmental footprint of logistics’ operations. Ensuring all supply chain stakeholders are able to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Helping Governments and Local Authorities to make data driven decisions to reduce congestion and emissions whilst engaging with Shippers, LSPs and the general public.

What headaches FLOX solves?


Excessive logistics costs and environmental footprint are driven by limitations of individual networks which subsequently result in poor utilisation of physical assets, both own and 3rd party.

FLOX provides you with Virtual 4PL service through our online logistics comparison platform, helping you optimise your storage and transport operations, and create smooth logistics management processes.

FLOX’s smart matching algorithms help you find the right logistics providers for your needs to minimise costs, provide insurance to mitigate risks, improve ESG ratings and increase fulfilment. Access transparent data and instructions that can be easily shared across a secure network, reducing time spent on admin, performance management and reporting.

Compare and select providers that fit the brief at the best price and service requirement every time.

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Logistics Service Providers (LSPs):

Increasing costs, operational constraints, unreasonable service demands and a lack of visibility on future shipments are all eating away at your profits.

Boost your cashflow and maximise profits with FLOX’s smart capacity matching algorithm, helping LSPs find extra work they want to do, when they want to do it.

FLOX instantly connects with pre-selected Shippers ready to pay for your services helping you maximise every journey.

Sound interesting? Your contribution is important. Please take 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire below to help us shape FLOX.


Having no product on the shelf causes customers to walk away empty handed, or storing extra inventory adds to your spiralling costs at a time when every penny counts.

Our online transport integration dashboard at FLOX helps you stay on top of delivery statuses and identify any issues to ensure fast, efficient issue resolution and accurate reconciliation, avoiding unexpected increases in shipping costs. Access a secure network, relevant data and shipment notifications to save time on supplier order administration.

Optimise carrier costs, performance and environmental footprint performance against your delivery and sustainability goals.

Government and Local Authorities

How can you set realistic mandates and milestones given the future levels of congestion and air quality and keep up with the problem as it worsens? More importantly, how can you monitor and report on your progress against your ESG agenda in order to maintain peer and public confidence?

FLOX’s logistics dashboard acts as a Traffic Control Tower, providing you with up-to-date freight information including environmental impact to support your legislation agenda. Access transparent information that can be easily shared in a timely manner to prove progress against your initiatives to tackle traffic congestion and urban air quality.

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FLOX Project Roadmap - LIVE

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