Who we are

At its inception, Value Chain Lab had set out on a mission to build a software platform that will improve efficiency of global Supply Chains by removing logistics waste from its clients' networks. In 2013-2015 the company developed its Supply Chain Intelligence platform (Value Chain Platform or VCP) which now offers innovative approaches to analysis and visualisation of clients' supply chain and operational data. More

Our team has diverse backgrounds include over 30 years of management consulting and operational experience working with blue chip clients, combined with experience in innovation and development of the state of the art solutions for Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others.

That experience translates into our pre-configured platform and the implementation input that will spare your company substantial efforts in development and tailoring of in-house solutions. Continuous engagement and feedback from our clients allows us to constantly evolve the platform's functionality and frequently deploy it in tour Cloud based solution, as part of our Continuous Service Promise.

Our beliefs

VCL is grounded on the clear set of beliefs that information will enable companies to drive value

  • Efficiency can only be sustainably achieved from granular information.


    so for every client we are building a single cleansed DataShard, which is consolidated from multiple sources of unmodified operational data (e.g. from your ERP, TMS, WMS systems as well as 3rd parties)

  • Information must be clean, timely and both historical & forward looking.


    so we update every clients' DataShard on a minimum 24hr cycle to include latest shipment and forward/forecast order data

  • Leading edge analytics will define improvement opportunities.


    so we leverage the latest technologies and methods to build a proprietary set of advanced analytical frameworks and engines

  • Convenience and ease of access to the info is the only way forward.


    so we built an own cloud hosted platform that gives on-demand access to the info via an interactive browser based interface

  • Collaboration across the sector will unlock tremendous potential.


    so we are building a proprietary Big Data analytical framework to identify and execute collaboration options

Our mission

"to improve the efficiency / sustainability of global supply chains through the leverage of "leading edge" software technology"

The efficiency and sustainability part is based on the following principles:

  • Collaborative and end-to-end integrated solution
  • Use of an advanced toolkit and info visibility to minimise waste
  • Off the shelf performance management metrics

The "leading edge" software technology part is centred around the following:

  • Cloud based solution with hybrid DB structure
  • Predictive analytical engines that run in the background
  • On demand access to insight designed for multi-device use

Our platform

VCL cloud based platform generates retrospective insights into the clients' supply chain operations and uses action orientated analytical engines with predictive functionality to support effective decision making in order to pre-empt potential problems and inefficiencies. More
  • generates alerts and exceptional performance metrics, forecast and reports to proactively address immediate challenges.
  • analyses the detailed operational profile to identify leakages and actionable improvement opportunities.
  • contextualises logistics network operations, performance and costs/spend to correlate internal performance with the market.