Carbon Emission App (SRF Optimiser)

The tool is a web-based decision support model that estimates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and calculates potential financial implications of various fleet emission improvement initiatives. A range of emission reducing measures is based on the application of various technologies and management practices and the model allows estimation of the environmental impact as well as development of an economic benefit case.
The standardised and enhanced visualisation and reporting functionality will support not only effective decision making but also external reporting requirements such as ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and FTA LCRS (Freight Transport Association Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme).

Who should use it?:

The tool can be used by any business that manages its own fleet and is involved in the road freight transport operations. More
This tool is a product of collaboration between the Centre for Sustainable Road freight and Value Chain Lab. For further information please also contact or .

it offers:

  • Knowledge of environmental and economic impact of an investment in set of carbon-reducing measures.
  • Prioritisation of potential measures based on a number of financial and operational metrics
  • Analysis of scenarios with actual and virtual fleets
  • Generation of internal and external reports to help with the requirements of ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and FTA LCRS (Freight Transport Association Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme) reporting.
  • Performance tracking of internal carbon emission of your fleet

Advantages of using the App

it has:

  • User-friendly interface that has intuitive graphical user interface and an ability to generate different profiles
  • Comprehensive data security compliant with Data Protection Act, 1998 and hosted at the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight in Herriot Watt University
  • Emission Evaluation based on DEFRA carbon factors 2015, various reporting formats e.g. internal, FTA and ESOS and benchmarked internal GHG emission performance

it provides:

  • Baseline Summary that includes Tank to wheel and Well to wheel carbon emissions, energy/fuel consumption, mileage driven and costs
  • Reports on Tank to wheel and Well to wheel carbon savings from your fleet, cost/fuel/energy savings, Net Present Value and Payback of each selected measure