Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence development capabilities further improves buyer-supplier collaboration.

The global logistics and transportation services market is constantly grappling with a variety of sector challenges, which are magnified by opacity and inefficient information sharing. These are industry wide issues that, for example, contribute to an average 60% utilisation of road transportation network capacities across EEA. Moreover, the volume of bilateral shipper-carrier conversations drives staggering admin and relationship management costs on both sides.

Our platform enables effective search and assessment of tailored intelligence information, subsequently unlocking the full potential of your supply chain networks.


The market intelligence platform enables shippers to:

  • proactively identify potential collaboration options and assess feasibility;
  • benchmark rates across wide geographical areas, modes or individual lanes or contracts;
  • assess implications for the current solutions, especially for international movements;

Whilst the carriers additionally benefit from:

  • allows providers to improve competitiveness and win business for the underutilised capacities;
  • harmonised access to the market improves effectiveness of business development efforts;
  • understanding of market dynamics enables development of effective market strategies

VCL's platform allows shipper - carrier communities to extract and utilise market intelligence more efficiently, create greater impact to the bottom-line as well as wider economic and social communities.