Network Visualisation

We bring new levels of convenience in navigation and visualisation of your data

Effectively, our platform does to your supply chain data, what Wikipedia, Google or Facebook did for billions of people. We make it easier to search, connect and be up-to-date with what really matters.

By using our powerful visualisation engine you can find and unlock opportunities that come right out of the box. All of this is based on using your existing data so you can begin to deliver results faster and improve productivity of your teams.


Today, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations are still the most popular tools of the trade. They certainly have their uses, but could hardly serve as industrial-strength management solutions in this day and age. Their limitations should not be in the way of identifying performance improvement opportunities, so we've taken a simple approach to avoiding this behaviour.

We've built a convenient and intuitive web-browser based interface that doesn't require installation and maintenance of any additional software.

Our platform's interface has state of the art data visualisation capabilities while providing secure access to your dedicated cloud based data.

Its visualisation engine enables you to drill down and up through the layers of information in search for a root-cause or a particular insight or to test a hypothesis. It enables you to dissect a single supply chain DataCube along a variety of axes and build a fully reconciled and inter-connected view of your operations.

Moreover, a combination of regular and insightful on-demand reports will keep you abreast with your most important operational questions.

VCL platform will allow you to focus on the issues or ideas that really matter - making decisions, identifying and delivering value for your organisation more effectively.