What challenges we address?

Our software platform's functionality helps tackling a number of traditional supply chain operational and management challenges.

  • Cleansing of the erroneous data that resides in unconnected systems and silos. more

    To address that the platform:

    • interfaces with variety of sources like ERP, TMS, WMS as well as 3rd party systems on 24 hr update cycle;
    • dynamically cleanses and harmonises the data as it comes in the original format;
    • reconciles and interconnects the data in a single and coherent DataShard.
  • Unified visibility to create a single enterprise-wide point of reference. more

    The platform offers a joined up and up-to-date 360o view of the data on multiple dimensions including operational and financial transactions; historical shipments, current orders and forecasts; as well as site stock levels.

  • Analytical models generate robust and consistent insight into logistics waste. more

    The platform:

    • carries out bottom up analyses from the most granular level of detail;
    • ensures consistency and robustness of frameworks and methodologies for sustainable execution;
    • runs analytical engines on the 24 hour cycle to proactively identify opportunities;
  • Action orientated insight and alerts drive issue prevention & resolution. more

    The platform:

    • increases supply chain management efficiency across the enterprise;
    • provides fact base and exposure of waste and value leakages;
    • alerts and dashboards empower teams to get ahead of problems.

Supply Chain focused platform enables breadth and depth of ready to deploy functionality

VCL platform is built with a sole focus is on supply chain and logistics operations. We wanted focus on one business area and we want to do it exceptionally well.
Issue addressed: Generic platform and BI systems tend to compromise between depth and capabilities to achieve required versatility of their products. Companies have to invest bespoke development or manual workarounds to address limitations of generic fit-for-all systems. More

Typical BI platforms are built to provide visualisation and analytical capabilities for a variety of business functions ranging from marketing, financial, procurement, supply chain, HR and other. So every implementation of such system would require tailoring and bespoke development to fit with the in-house set up and processes. These efforts require upfront investments as well as ongoing costs for updates and upgrades.

Having made a strategic decision to focus VCL platform solely on supply chain and logistics operations, we offer our clients an opportunity to leverage the collective learnings and benefit from access to a constantly evolving solution, as a part of our Customer Service Promise.

Comprehensive Fact Base for supply chain, supplier and customer relationship management

VCL builds data heuristics data cleansing interface, which enables development of a coherent and comprehensive DataShard.
Issue addressed: The root of many problems with regards to analysing data is that it comes from disparate systems, misaligned and have too many errors. So every time an analytical effort sparks a flurry of data digging and laborious reconciliation activities, often leading to an oversimplified dataset. More

Bridging data gaps and reconcile data from various sources with Excel spread sheets is a common occurrence, which takes a lot of time and creates too much room for errors. Managers tend to also use their mailboxes as a data repository which enhances the problem of finding the right information when it's needed.

VCL platform offers a system that has the capability to automatically collect the data from yours and 3rd party systems, cleanse and consolidate it into a comprehensive and ready to use DataShard. The ground up composition of this data provides the much needed granular and most reliable foundation for any follow on analysis and opportunity development.

"Off-the-shelf" solution to on-demand insights, analysis and reporting

VCL platform offers an "off-the-shelf" solution with standardised core tailored widgets that enable rapid deployment leverage leading industry analytics and practices.
Issue addressed: When substantial resources are invested in building bespoke in-house BI solutions a lot of effort goes to "reinvention of the wheel" as well as enhancement of internal software development capabilities. More

The work required to build and then constantly grow internal software development capability is a substantial effort and in majority of the cases is neither a core competence nor a differentiator for a manufacturing company or a retailer.

Additionally, development of bespoke BI systems in-house is also driven by level maturity and sophistication of the supply chain organisation, which in-turn limits access and ability to leverage proven and emerging best practices and approaches.

VCL platform created with a standardised core (data structure, reports and functionality) and a User Interface that has a set of visualisation widgets that allow tailoring to the company specifics and enable rapid prototyping and deployment.

Remove waste from your logistics operations and improve bottom line

VCL platform has a built-in analytical tool kit that runs in a background or on-demand and drives robust and proactive opportunity identification processes.
Issue addressed: Traditionally, complex analysis is done on historical performance only and heavily relies on accuracy, completeness and detailing of the underlying data. In many cases this limits depth and timing/relevance of the output. More

Far too often supply chain teams grapple with root-cause analysis of declining performance or struggle to identify and quantify tangible improvement opportunities or find it very difficult to understand why your supply chain costs more than you think it should. Standard ERP reporting and analytical capabilities, and even bespoke in- house BI tools often leave much be desired. This tends to lead to either oversimplification of analysis with many big assumptions or rely on 3rd party help.

VCL platform has a built-in set of advanced analytical and reporting tools that enables seamless analysis of both historical and forward looking information; and subsequently definition of actionable improvement opportunities much more effectively.

Market Intelligence and external collaboration opportunities offer enhanced improvement potential

VCL platform analyses actual companies' flows and builds detailed market indices allowing companies to identify collaboration opportunities and enable market informed decisions.
Issue addressed: Individual search for supply chain collaboration opportunities is a significant effort and is often limited by operational, systems and supplier constraints as well as anti-competition legislation.
Also, many companies welcome opportunities to compare and learn from peers, but long term contract benchmarking information is hard to find. More

Horizontal collaboration has tremendous potential and has been widely recognised as one of the big opportunities that have large untapped potential. However, scale and wide adoption of the collaboration opportunities is limited by the need for substantial bilateral effort so search, agree and execute potential.

Every supply chain organisation has reasons to be proud of their achievements, however, only complacent ones pass on an opportunity to compare with and learn from their peers. And while generic spot prices are readily available, it's very hard to get hold of current and most importantly comparable contract benchmarking information that could allow you to have a much stronger position in negotiating with your suppliers.

VCL platform uses proprietary methodologies to analyse all available data from different companies at a shipment, lane, postcode/site level of detail. This enables us to proactively identify collaboration opportunities that are relevant to your type of operations, load sizes and transportation requirements and create comparable market pricing indices.

Who is the user?

VCL platform allows simultaneous access to supply chain information for the cross- functional teams. Your colleagues may be working in different departments or locations, but they all require access to the interconnected data about your supply chain operations, and it is absolutely critical that everyone can see the same comprehensive and undistorted picture.

We have defined five user groups that would benefit form use of our platform, but the actual combination is certainly dependent on your company's organisational structure.

What's also important, is that VCL platform does not restrict neither the number users nor their roles or functions and is designed to support your current management processes. Only the access to certain elements of data or functionality could be restricted, if you so require.

Client Value

Actionable insight and increased effectiveness of management decisions.

Network Visualisation

Interactive data visualisation and navigation through convenience of a browser.

Performance Analytics

Analytical tools allow identification and assessment of value leakages.

Market Intelligence

Operational benchmarks for market informed opportunity assessments.


What we offer

Convenience, depth and analytical sophistication at your fingertips

  • We cleanse, consolidate and constantly refresh your supply chain DataShard which provides a comprehensive foundation for any reporting and analysis
  • Breadth and depth of dashboards, alerts, reporting and performance tracking capabilities allows quick and effective identification of value leakages
  • Visualisation tools bring new levels of convenience to navigating and representing data as well as timely access to insights for effective decision making
  • Cloud hosted info is delivered through an intuitive web based portal, which enhances cross-functional and partner collaboration
  • Correlation of the up-to-date market data with internal performance generates additional input into your strategic decision making processes