VCL partners

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a collaborative effort between Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities and industry partners in the freight, logistics and technology sectors, with a major 5-year grant from EPSRC.

Its main purpose is to research engineering, technological and organizational solutions to make road freight economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The centre has a £5.8 million funding for the first 5 years. More specifically, the Centre is focused on the following areas:

  • develop innovative technical and operational solutions to road freight transport and management challenges;
  • research the sustainability of road freight transport: from tactical to strategic, fundamental to applied, micro and macro-level perspectives;
  • develop tactics and strategies to meet Government emissions reduction targets for the road freight sector, mapping out ways to provide an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions due to road freight transport by 2050.
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VCL and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Leveraging thought leadership and the latest analytical methodologies have always been at the centre of the company's philosophy. With this in mind VCL decided to build on its existing relationship with the Heriot-Watt University and join Centre for Sustainable Road Freight in 2015.

In addition to staying up to speed with the latest thinking in this business area, VCL wanted to take a more active role in the Centre's research agenda and participate in a number of specific initiatives. Emergence and advancements of new technologies, such as Big Data, offer tremendous potential for analytical enhancement of our platform; and subsequently creates opportunities for further cost savings and environmental impact improvements within our clients' Supply Chain networks.

"Joining the SRF Consortium is an exciting opportunity to work together with leading academics, subject experts and fellow professionals. Our aim is to be at the forefront of thought leadership within the Supply Chain space and consistently deliver value adding services to our clients".

Benefits of Membership

The main benefits to Value Chain Lab of participating in the CfSRF are:

  • Membership provides the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of developments in data analytical methodologies and approaches
  • The Centre's research is aligned with the industry and government priorities, and the topics influenced by the industry partners and specific initiatives
  • The Centre also creates opportunities for sharing expertise among its members for mutual advantage and creative development

Value Chain Lab is currently supporting the following projects: