Performance Analytics

Our analytical toolkit allows development of insights about your supply chain operations.

Whilst being most popular, the traditional Excel, and at best Access based analytical models have some advantages, they aren't fit for the purposes of repeating sophisticated and complex analysis on frequently updated data. A variety of mainstream BI tools provide greater functionality than spreadsheets, but their generic nature has its limitations and requires significant implementation efforts.

We built the VCL platform with the use of cutting edge technologies, which enable automatic execution of repeatable and sophisticated analysis focussed on specific supply chain requirements.


The day-to-day performance analytics tend to be focused on effective support of current operations and issue resolution. They are typically based on standard ERP outputs that are often processed by analysis with the use of Excel.

This approach has a number of inadequacies, leading to a narrow view of operational performance and significant efforts spent on issue resolution or analyses.

VCL's platform automates routine alerts, KPI's and exception report calculations beyond the capabilities of traditional ERP and generic BI systems

More complex analytical efforts are highly dependent on the quality and robustness of the underlying data. And again the traditional, Excel based approaches require significant efforts to be spent on data collection, cleansing, harmonisation and reconciliation whilst still producing outputs that have limited uses and lack detail. This often leads to either sub-optimal decision making or significant value being left on the table.

VCL's platform is grounded on the most reliable and detailed level of data - the operational and financial transactions level, which provides data integrity and reliability for complex analyses.